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with Advanced Patient Ringback, Intelligent Call Queuing & Call Flow Management

Giving your patients a great user experience when they contact you is vitally important for any practice and it nearly always starts with your phone system.

  • Ensure uninterrupted access to the practice for your patients, even during busy periods, eliminating the engaged tone.
  • Deliver warm welcome greetings, offer essential practice information, and provide a range of ring back options.
  • Automatically handle patient expectations regarding waiting times by offering real-time updates on their position in the queue.
  • Efficiently adjust the number of staff attending to calls during peak and quiet times using automated systems.
  • Establish intelligent call routing to ensure patients are automatically connected to the most relevant service.
  • Assign different routing options at different times of the day.

give your surgery the tools they need to triage

  • Our ‘Easy-Triage’ software allows you to carry out your triage without fighting for a free line, allowing you to meet your targets.
  • Practitioners can save time when making outbound and taking inbound calls with our ‘click to dial’ and ‘highlight & dial’ feature available as standard with our ‘Easy-Triage’ software.
  • With a crisp, clean, appearance, ‘Easy-Triage’ shows your colleagues status and indicates if they’re on a call, away from their desk or available to take your call.
  • The software also has a full call history linked to the recorded calls showing inbound, outbound and missed calls. Practitioners can also listen to previous calls they, or colleagues have made to a patient, providing a clear and concise overview of previous interaction ‘first-hand’, instead of relying on notes.
  • The user interface allows you to control your phone through your desktop computer simplifying, the whole procedure.

What our clients say:

with multi-layer call statistics

Having a real-time understanding of your call statistics is a great management tool that can be deployed to assist staff and improve your patient experience.

For example, understanding how many calls have been lost between 8am and 9.30am on Monday morning could lead you to increase staff numbers to take calls just between these times. Our Check Cloud system is also clever enough to automatically add certain members of staff (who wouldn’t normally take calls) to the main reception group to help out during busy periods, if need be.

The statistics included are ‘multi-layered’. Unlike other competitor systems that only give you statistics once a call has been answered. Check Cloud provides statistics at a network level too, so you know exactly how many times a patient has attempted to call you for example, before getting through.


with secure patient record integration

Integrating your telephone system with your patient record system means you can view a patients record when they call, store a call log of their phone calls, record calls for certain lines, extensions or your entire practice, integrate a mobile client for on call doctors and even control a live call from your PC.

with a surgery call recording solution

Call Recording is a vital management tool for any practice and can be applied to a number of processes, from dispute resolution and staff training, to simple fact checking following a call. 

  • Effective dispute resolution, with evidence that’s admissible in a court of law.
  • Replay calls for reference, sometimes years after the call was made.
  • Monitor staff performance and provide training support.
  • Assist in hitting your CQC targets and compliance.
  • Conform with legislation using recorders that are GDPR compliant.
  • Adhere to the General Medical Council’s recording guidelines.
check cloud on all devices


with our inclusive package

Check Medical packages consolidate all of your telecoms bills into one,  simple package. If you currently have a Cloud, ISDN or Analogue system, our consolidated package can save you thousands of pounds over the contract term.

  • Full Phone System
  • Free Local, National & UK Mobile Calls
  • Phone Lines & Broadband 
  • Ongoing Maintenance CostsSecure Call Recording
  • Statistics Package
  • Intelligent Call Flow
  • Programming
  • Phone Line Fraud Protection
  • Patient Record Integration Option
  • Smart Patient Call Queuing
  • Award Winning Installation & Support
  • Much more


here for you 24/7, 365 days per year

In critical moments, the value of selecting a dependable team to manage your telephone system becomes clear. 

Whether it’s seeking advice at 7pm on a Friday, dealing with a power outage caused by an electrician on a Saturday afternoon, quickly adapting call routing due to staff sickness, or urgently requiring an engineer due to a floor. You’ll be grateful for the reliable support and assistance of our dedicated team. 

We understand the importance of being there when you need us the most. With a commitment to exceptional service and a genuine smile, our team stands ready to provide the reliable telephone system support you deserve.