CCTV & Surveillance Systems

In today’s uncertain world, protecting your organisation,  whether that threat comes from the inside or out, is a priority for you. Commercial CCTV & surveillance systems that are professionally installed, configured and maintained can provide you with the assurance you need to keep your premises, business, staff & customers safe. In recent years, huge advances have been made with image quality and recording devices, and this is thanks to IP technology. Check have become market leaders in the installation and maintenance of these platforms. Although old analogue systems still prevail, IP surveillance systems provide far greater image clarity and definition, allowing you to review coverage to give a comprehensive picture of events.

Keep your organisation safe, get effective insights and have peace of mind with state of the art, fully compliant, commercial CCTV & surveillance systems.


We offer the latest High Definition IP cameras going up to an incredible 30MP in some cases. From small discreet cameras to full military grade heat sensing cameras, we can provide a complete solution to make a real difference within your organisation. Our incredible fisheye cameras can be placed in the centre of a room or warehouse to give complete 360° coverage live and on playback.


Our highly scalable recording solutions, or Network Video Recorders (NVR) as they are more commonly known, allow for many months’ worth of coverage. For greater efficiency, you can also enable Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) to quickly search videos corresponding to particular modes (includes motion detection, foreign/missing object, out of focus, and camera occlusion) to screen for critical recordings.

Play Video

Other intrusion devices can be added to systems for trigger alerts to be immediately sent to mobile devices to allow you to act immediately. Live coverage can then be viewed on your smart phone, to view the situation and act accordingly before it’s too late. Having a CCTV & Security System installed within your premises provides huge benefits:

  • Excellent Health & Safety Tool
  • Remote Monitoring 
  • Reduced Insurance Cost
  • Powerful Behaviour Analysis
  • Advanced Number Plate Recognition
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Temperature Alarm Functions
  • Advanced Tracking
  • POS Integration 
  • And much more!

State Of The Art CCTV & Surveillance Systems

An Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Although most cameras that do this are webcams, the term IP camera or netcam is usually applied only to those used for surveillance that can be directly accessed over a network connection. CCTV hardware & software has come a long way and advanced rapidly with regards to its effectiveness, reliability and ease of use. Nowadays, surveillance systems are not only used for security, but also to promote productivity, track behaviours, enhance access to premises, trigger alarms, along with a whole range of other benefits. See some examples below:

Access Terminals
Darkfighter Technology
Thermal Technology
ColorVu Technology
Radar Technology

CCTV & Surveillance Hardware

As Hikvision partners, we supply, install & maintain a wide range of surveillance equipment including, CCTV cameras, mounts, cabling, access terminals, video intercom products, servers, mobile equipment, transmission & display products, etc. We’ve listed a range of cameras below. If you require something more specialised, please feel free to get in touch to make an enquiry.

EXIR Bullet

Hikvision's 5 Megapixel EXIR Bullet Network Camera with extended IR performance and IP67 protection perfectly suits outdoor security applications. With up to 80m IR distance, users receive a live view at HD resolution whilst recording.


Vari-focal Bullet

The Vary-focal Bullet Network Camera is able to capture high quality coloured images, offering a high resolution with 120dB WDR, PoE, 3D DNR, 3 streams, 4 behaviour analyses and face detection to meet a wide variety of applications.



This 4MP Fisheye Network Camera offers a full 180 degree horizontal or vertical view in a compact package with ceiling or wall mounting options for a flexible installation. The 26.25 feet (8 meter) IR range provides well lit images in low light conditions.


Fixed Dome

This 4 Megapixel Fixed Dome Camera with Full HD1080p video and dual stream, is a popular choice. The camera has a 3-axis adjustment and is fitted with a dome casing, which protects against redirection, defocusing and impact.



This 4 Megapixel Turret Camera is available in 2.8, 4 and 6mm fixed focal lengths. The camera is fitted with IR LEDs with a maximum distance of 30m. The turret's flat faced design tackles the issue of IR reflection, spiders and rain drops to maintain excellent images during the day & night.



Hikvision’s Thermal Network Bullet Camera can be used for boundary defence and fire-prevention, alerting users of unexpected events. It supports line crossing, intrusion detection, audio exception, region entrance & exit and a reliable temperature alarm function.


Thermal + Optical

Hikvision's Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Speed Dome fulfils boundary defence and fire-prevention purposes in critical infrastructures such as airports, prisons, power stations and so on. The pre-alarm system helps to detect unexpected events to protect from intrusions and loss of property.


Low Light

The ANPR Series ultra-low light Smart cameras capture vehicles and recognise number plates from various countries and regions, even in low-light environments. It provides high resolution day and night time footage thanks to Hikvision's Darkfighter technology.


4K IR Pan Tilt Zoom

Hikvision’s Smart Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera can capture high quality images of fast moving objects with smart tracking capabilities. This PTZ camera provides a true wide dynamic range (120 dB) with a 200m IR range and a 4K 8 Megapixel (4096 x 2160) resolution.


PanoVu 360°
Panoramic + PTZ

This 2 Megapixel Panoramic + PTZ Network Camera, is able to capture 360° images as well as close-up imagery. This dual-function security camera is ideal for when an all-round view is required with the ability to target and zoom in on potential incidents.

PTZ + 360°