Work from home with the Check Cloud Phone Solution

Looking for a Work from Home Cloud Phone Solution? You’ve come to the right place. Most business phone systems don’t allow for working from home or remote working options and even if they do, they can be expensive to setup and a hassle to implement.


Check Cloud is different! The Check Cloud phone system and app is a low cost, high impact platform, that will enable your staff to work from home or any remote location with a broadband, Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

Check Cloud Phone System

Our Check Cloud phone system offers all of the features and benefits of a standard phone system, but gives you the flexibility to safely integrate your phone system needs into the cloud, offering the added benefit of providing effective work from home cloud phone solutions for you and your staff, without the hassle.

The Check Cloud App is integrated with our Check Cloud phone system, or can be used as a stand alone solution to work with your existing phone system. The Check Cloud App can either be downloaded on to your desktop computer or mobile device. We move your extension number into the cloud temporarily and it’s like you’ve never left the office. A flexible & effective work from home cloud phone solution.

Check Cloud Mobile App Demo

Check Cloud Desktop App Demo

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The app enables users to answer incoming calls to the business no matter where they’re working from. Staff can update their availability as and when required.


Calls can be transferred as normal, without having to hang up and request call backs, or give out separate mobile numbers to members of staff working from home.


Users can create & manage tasks, share files, along with a whole host of other features & Add-Ons… all from their mobile or desktop app.



If you or your staff are considering working from home due to the Coronavirus, give us a try! See if you’re eligible for the free trial of our Check Cloud App, by filling in the form below:

Check Cloud can help to protect your business by keeping your key team members fully connected from anywhere.


With the growing threat of self-isolation from Coronavirus and in an effort to work with you during this difficult period, we will not be charging for provisioning the platform, and have lowered our standard rental charges.


We will also include a free call bundle to reduce the cost implications of this unprecedented event. To help out, this is a short term contract without any long-term commitment.

Check Cloud with softphone or mobile app


> 200 Minutes/User (minutes can be shared between multiple users, local, national, UK mobile calls.)
> Full Cloud Phone Functionality
> Voice Mail
> Auto Attendant



> Call Recording

> Additional Mobile/Desktop App

> Physical Mitel Handset
> Video Conferencing

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we’re currently offering this on a short-term contract basis without any long-term commitment. Add-on options are also available.