Omni-Channel Contact Centres – How AI Phone Solutions Are Giving Contact Centres The Edge

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AI Phone Solutions

It’s no secret that Customer Experience (CX) is a key metric for any Contact Centre Manager. With that in mind, businesses are looking for ways to incorporate new and innovative technologies into their contact centres to improve communications using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Combining multiple points of Contact Centre Communications, such as Social Media Messaging, Chatbots, Email, etc. with the power of AI, is resulting in new and improved CX, giving customers multi or ‘omni’ channels with which to make contact intelligently.


The Omni-Channel contact centre has been around for a little while now, but adding AI into the mix takes it to a whole new level. Increasingly, call centres are moving away from the traditional single-role agents and giving employees multiple functions in a Contact Centre environment.

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For example, Check’s Cloud Phone AI engine can fully interact with a customer through multiple sources; Chatbot, WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, Facebook Messenger or even bespoke company apps can be included in the intelligent responses. If a chat develops beyond the AI’s current learning, the conversation is passed to a live agent, all queued seamlessly in a mixed call queue. Add Voice into the mix and you have all your bases covered.


AI can interact with customers on your behalf before an agent ever gets involved, providing security checks, initial consultation, and even complete financial transactions.

AI can help your contact centre in several ways:

  • By enhancing your customers first point of contact, through a wide range of mediums.
  • Monitoring and recording all interactions with customers and providing valuable insights into customer behaviour.
  • Understand customer sentiment, monitoring agent interactions and alerting managers to any potential problems, in real time.
  • Help to identify areas where agents need more training.
  • It can also be used to monitor call quality and compliance with company guidelines.

AI is also being used to enhance management tools, such as Agent Analytics, which provides managers with actionable insights into agent performance, live. What’s more, by using AI to monitor phone call sentiment, businesses can identify areas where agents need support or training. This helps to ensure that every customer interaction is of the highest quality possible.


If you’re not already using a cloud phone solution with an integrated AI engine in your contact centre, now is the time to make the switch. Not only will it enable you to take advantage of all the latest features and technologies, but it will also future proof your business. Contact us today or ask your current vendor to find out more about an Omni-Channel AI offering.


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