The BT Openreach Stop Sell Phase 2023 has started – are you protected?

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BT Openreach Stop Sell - What does it mean?

BT Openreach is phasing out analogue lines as part of BT’s PSTN & ISDN 2025 Switch Off. The aim is to switch off all analogue lines by 2025 and
move everyone over to a digital system using a fibre based internet connection.

BT’s Stop Sell Phase 2023 means that it will stop selling traditional phone lines in all exchange areas from 2023. This will potentially affect your phone system. You may also need to upgrade your broadband and any equipment that currently uses analogue lines, such as alarms, door entry systems, CCTV, faxes, PDQs and so on.


How does this affect my organisation?
If you are currently using a traditional phone system, BT Openreach will no longer provide support to you, or your provider for lines which are being placed into ‘Stop Sell’ by 2023. Even if your organisation uses a modern cloud system, you may still have some legacy connections so it’s worth checking now to save any potential disruption.

How do I know if the business is using analogue lines?
Get in touch with your provider (or us) and ask them what type of lines your system is using. You may also be able to tell from your monthly invoice, or just get in touch with us for a FREE Analogue Line Check.

What can I do to prevent my organisation from being disrupted?
If your organisation is using analogue lines, NOW is the time to switch to a cloud system. If you’re happy with your current provider, you could ask them to switch you over, or you could move to a different provider such as us. We have a range of business, health care and education sector specific products that are purpose built to suit your needs.

We’ve helped many organisations across the UK make the switch to Check Cloud, which is a purpose built cloud based phone system. We look after millions of calls across the UK and pride ourselves in looking after our customers.


Not sure if you are using analogue lines?

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